Meet Steve

Expert on different exercises and gym equipment usage

and their effect on parts of the body 


  • A well-regarded trainer supports a healthy lifestyle for himself and his clients, is highly motivated to give the best service and results to his clients.

  • Energetic – physically and mentally fit.

  • In depth knowledge of food and nutrition.

  • Expert on different exercises and gym equipment usage and their effect on particular parts of the body.


Steve has worked in the fitness industry for over 30 years he has worked with clients in many countries over the years and has been involved in the sport of bodybuilding and fitness as a coach/trainer for many successful competitors both male and female. He brings a wealth of knowledge both in training aspects and nutrition which he can apply to all clients. Also at 51 years of age he understands the differences between the younger client needs and that of the more mature student, this can be of special benefit where injuries are concerned.

Steve has beaten cancer 3 times now and the fight continues! But through all his treatments etc. he always managed to train this we feel gives him the mental edge over most trainers, he understands people with illnesses, injuries, disabilities and can construct a program accordingly. But more important he can assist with the mental training which gives the edge needed to complete any program. This can be applied to all clients and professional athletes as well. Steve works with many professional bodybuilders and has also worked with celebrities from different countries.